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Co Founders IMEG LLC


Meet the Founders of IMEG
pronounced: [im-ij]

Our team saw a need in the modeling industry, and that need was effective coaching and professional training. It all started when Tiffany Williams and Ramon Ivey met working together to coach models and produce a fashion show in 2022. Working so closely together, Ramon and Tiffany realized how their skill set together made such a positive impact; Tiffany being a professional model with dance experience, and Ramon being a professional Choreographer/Dancer with modeling experience.

Their passion for educating and guiding models while preparing for the fashion show sparked the idea of producing a podcast to share their experiences. The idea quickly evolved into an entire company created to guide and develop a range of entertainers, with an emphasis on developing models. 

IMEG Official Logo - Color white


"Inspiring and Empowering Talent: Our modeling and entertainment coaching company envisions a world where aspiring individuals unleash their true potential. Through personalized guidance and unwavering support, we strive to cultivate confident, versatile, and authentic performers. By fostering creativity and instilling a passion for the arts, we aim to shape a new generation of trailblazing entertainers, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and touching hearts worldwide." © 2024 All Rights Reserved.


"To guide, develop and mentor models & entertainers by teaching the necessary tools for our students to achieve success in the entertainment industry." © 2024 All Rights Reserved.



Co Founder of IMEG - Tiffany Williams


Model, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Stylist, Content Creator, Podcast Host, Event Producer

My Name is Tiffany Williams

I am a model, style/lifestyle blogger from sunny San Diego, California. I have been a model for a while and have experienced a lot while working it on Runways, photo shoots and in TV segments! I started blogging to share behind the scenes moments that a lot of people don't get to see in the fashion industry. I also love beauty, wellness and fitness. I share my favorite fashion looks, favorite beauty items, my travel adventures, what I like to eat and day to day life. Sharing my point of view in this world and industry I believe is important for people who look like me. I call my blog Glitz and Glam by Tiff, because a lot of people think that models all have glamorous lives and don't really know how hard it is, and what it actually takes. 

For me it has been an interesting journey as an independent artist and I hope to be an inspiration to others who may be in the same boat or path as I am in. Hard work, consistency and dedication is what has pushed me to this point and I want to continue to share with people that anything is possible if you believe in your process and journey. I also want to show other women that you can be beautiful in your own way. It is ok to be different and to love yourself for the things that God has given to you. Lastly I want to be a role model for younger models by sharing my journey, and hopefully help someone else follow their own passions and dreams. With hard work and dedication you can do anything that you want to do!


Creative Director, Graphic/Web Design, Branding, Marketing,
Event Coordinator, Photography, Videography, Stage Production,
 Artist DevelopmentChoreographer/Dancer

Co Founder of IMEG - Ramon Ivey

Hello, I'm Ramon Ivey

am a Creative Professional maintaining a strong skill set: Creative Director, Graphic/Web Design, Branding, Marketing, Event Coordinator, Photography, Videography,  Stage Production, Choreographer/Dancer. I started off very young in the entertainment industry, as a dancer. I have worked very hard to advance in my career over several decades. Some of my accomplishments include Performing over 2,000 shows collectively domestically and internationally, Casting - Choreographing - Teaching and Performing in China on a 4 year 12 City residency tour. I have been able to work with major and local Recording Artists such as 18-time Grammy Award winning gospel music artist Kirk Franklin, T.D. Jakes, Pretty Poison, B.Slade, and most recently 2-time Grammy Awards winning artist Jason Mraz. I have also performed on the Emmy Awards, the Christian Music Awards, and The Best of the Best Awards, Shanghai, CN.

Creating an experience in a positive lasting way by forming brands as well as developing the visions

of others is where I thrive. My true purpose on earth is to teach through the arts, and help other succeed. My skill set, professional and life experiences continue to carve a path for me to continue to do just that.

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